quality certificates

All the products we manufacture are based on the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Controls are carried out from the reception of the raw material to the delivery of the final product to the client. We are also certified as a producer of organic coffee.


Quality in
our products

The main objective of Busi Grup is to achieve an excellent flavor and uniform quality. In capsules, we achieve this through a sealed capsule that allows the properties of freshly ground coffee to be preserved and packaged in a protective atmosphere to offer maximum satisfaction to consumers in each sip of Busi Grup. The range of coffee beans is packaged in triple complex bags with a valve, with quality and freshness in mind. To achieve this objective, which apparently should be the most common, Busi Grup combines coffees from different varieties of Arabica and Robusta, only with natural roasts, without resorting to roasts. Our decaffeinated coffee has also been decaffeinated with the water saturation process, the healthiest and most natural process. As a result of all these efforts, Busi Grup guarantees the highest quality and flavor in all its coffee varieties.

Quality control in encapsulation


Measurement of total dissolved solids


Oxygen and moisture content


flow time


flavor profile

Our process

We work daily
to obtain the best coffee

the encapsulated

An exhaustive weight, extraction and quality control of the capsules ensures that the product comes out of production with supreme quality for the best result.

cup quality

We select the best coffee beans, being ground at the moment before being encapsulated. Going through an extraction and quality control in the cup and in the mouth.