Private Label

Busi Grup specialises in private label or client production for both the national and international market. Our team has many years’ experience in coffee production, from the CEO to the operators and heads of each area: production, quality, technical service, commercial area…

Our core business is to encapsulate coffee, providing the possibility of packaging it in the different capsules on the market:



We offer you three options

  1. Choose one of our existing blends.
  2. Customise your blend with over 20 coffee varieties
  3. Send us your own coffee


Busi Grup will guide you through the “cup characteristics” process, where it will compare the aromas and flavours of the selected beans to create your own personalised blend.


Whichever option you choose, the next step is to package the product with your logo (whether pre-press or on printed rolls), printed on our labels or on the labels that you provide us. If you choose to design your own labels with your brand and coffee name, we will send you the specifications that we will need once the packet size has been chosen.


In recent years, Busi Grup has invested in the best coffee capsule packaging machines. The current production line allows us to manufacture up to 25 million capsules each year.


We also offer a private label for all our bulk coffee formats.


Contact us, tell us your requirements and we’ll do all that we can to make it a reality.

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